Lead Rot Removal and Restoration

Removal of lead rot from miniatures by electrolytic reduction

After some requests I’ve decided to offer the removal as a service, so here are the details:


You send your figures affected by lead rot and I will treat them in an electrolytic bath to remove the oxidation and clean them.

This will leave the metal unaffected by oxides. Please note that the most severe lead rot cases have some parts of the miniatures completely converted to rust. These will be brittle and very fragile and will be destroyed in the process (a consolidative process is currently under study and testing).

When finished your miniatures will be darker because of the process.

After treatment the miniatures will be sent back or further restored, following your instructions.

It’s possible to have them primed as an option in white, grey or black color.

Detailed description of the process here.

After cleaning I can send you pictures showing the conditions of the miniatures, to let you decide if they need further restoration.

To receive a quotation, please send an email at restoration@minismuseum.com, possibly with pictures of the miniatures affected.

If the images files are quite large, it’s possible to use Wetransfer or similar services.




discounts available for large quantities (>20)

Lead Rot Removal:

-single miniature or part (up to 10-12cm on longest side*): 3€ each


-minor crackles and fissures filling, glue consolidation: 5€ each

-re-sculpting, conversion and/or pinning: 10€ each


-choose color between white, gray or black: 1€ each miniature


Shipping and handling:

-up to 300g** EU: 10€ US:15€

-up to 1000g EU: 15€ US: 20€

-up to 2000g EU: 20€ US: 30€

-rates for rest of the world depend on size and weight, please inquire


*larger parts or creatures can be usually treated for 5€ each, but size and shape must be checked in advance.

**for single, light pieces cheaper rates are available.


Ask for a free quote today!

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