Lead Rot Cleaning Pt.2 – episode 2

First Episode Here

Here’s another mini that underwent the process of lead rot removal:

The results are good, there were only minor areas covered by rot, so no loss of details, those were the parts affected and the outcome:

-The back of the greaves shows some jagged edges, it will give them a more “used” look.

-There’s damage on the left leg that can be easily fixed with some epoxy putty where the lead rot chewed in.

-Unfortunately the sword was kept together by the oxide and the blade detached, you can see it on the ground, below the figure. It will be reattached or a substitute will be used.

-The left foot shows a deep crackle after the process, it was previously hidden by the oxidation layer. The more effective way to deal with this is probably to just pour some fluid cyanoacrylate  in it and let consolidate.

-The sheath on the right hip will require another small bit of epoxy to fill another fissure and make it smoother.

I’m offering a miniatures cleaning and restoration service, in case you’re interested.

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