Lead Rot Cleaning Pt.2 – episode 5

Fourth Episode Here

Another very bad case of lead rot:

Even before the treatment the legs are missing, probably completely destroyed by lead rot.

After the treatment is possible to see that damage is extensive, some details are gone, even from the face.

The legs must be fully resculpted or taken from another miniature or spares.

Also the sword has some damage in a place were the lead rot managed to chew through, but this can be easily fixed with epoxy.

The shield has some minor fissures that can be filled or kept as signs of wear.

The armor is fine, being chainmail has a pattern that is difficult to break with random detail changes.

Maybe some┬ámore small features are gone from the arm or fur, but it’s possible to put more elements there just by painting.

I’m offering a miniatures cleaning and restoration service, in case you’re interested.

Sixth Episode Here

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