Lead Rot Cleaning Pt.2 – episode 8

Seventh Episode Here.

Lead rot damaged the base and a few details.

Before treatment the miniature seems badly damaged, but after removal of the oxidation layer the condition isn’t so bad.

There are very thin crackles on some details, mostly on the fur and chainmal, so  these will be disappear easily  after priming.

The face and the helmet horns will require a small intervention: the face a bit of smoothing near the nose and the horns loose a bit of shape and pointy ends – some green stuff will repair them.

The biggest damage is on the base, I will first straighten it, eventually with some small pliers and rubber/plastic covers (to not damage the metal), then I will level the bottom or make it thicker with epoxy, eventually mounting the mini to a large base (plastic, resin or high density plaster).

Here’s the technical article on lead rot removal.

I’m offering a miniatures cleaning and restoration service, in case you’re interested.

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