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Lead Rot Cleaning Pt.2 – episode 1

Finally I’ve cleaned some other figures of lead rot…

the results of course depend a lot on the oxidation depth. (If you missed the first article, explaining the process, it’s here)

However in most cases the affected miniature can easily restored after the electrolytic reduction process.

I will show the result in a series of videos that I’ll publish in a few episodes, let’s get to the first:

A nice figure, characterized face… I would say a early gnoll or a goblin, with hide armor and a club, later I’ll do some research to identify it (him)

The damage done by the oxidation to the overall miniature surfaces is minimal, after treatment the metal is compact and without fissures or crackles.

Only one part will need further intervention: the right leg. It appears the oxidation attacked the base of the legs, specifically the right one, practically chewing through. Luckily the figure’s club sustains it, so the excessive stress put on the left leg (also slightly damaged) didn’t break it.

A small amount of green stuff will complete the restoration, the figure will then be ready for priming (and painting!).

I’m offering a miniatures cleaning and restoration service, in case you’re interested.

Second Episode